When it comes to sailing in New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD), it’s important to consider the effect of the East Australian Current (EEC) on your journey. Understanding the weather patterns to avoid and the advantages of heading south can greatly enhance your sailing experience. Additionally, exploring beautiful harbours like Coffs Harbour or finding a marina in Newcastle can provide a well-deserved rest along your voyage.

The East Australian Current (EEC)

The East Australian Current is a warm ocean current that flows southward along the east coast of Australia. It plays a significant role in the region’s climate and has a noticeable effect on sailing conditions. The EEC originates from the Coral Sea and can be influenced by various factors, such as wind patterns and ocean temperatures.

Weather to Avoid

When sailing in NSW and QLD, it’s important to be aware of the weather conditions that can be challenging due to the EEC. One such condition is the presence of strong southerly winds, which can create rough seas and make sailing more difficult. These winds are often associated with low-pressure systems and can be particularly prevalent during the summer months.

Another weather pattern to be cautious of is the formation of East Coast Lows. These intense low-pressure systems can develop rapidly and bring strong winds, heavy rain, and rough seas. They are more common during the cooler months but can occur at any time of the year. Monitoring weather forecasts and staying updated on any potential East Coast Lows is crucial for safe sailing.

Advantages of Heading South

Heading south along the NSW and QLD coasts can provide several advantages for sailors. One of the key benefits is the favorable influence of the EEC. As the current flows southward, it can assist in propelling your vessel, making your journey smoother and more efficient. This can be particularly advantageous when sailing longer distances or against prevailing winds.

Another advantage of heading south is the opportunity to explore stunning locations along the way. Coffs Harbour, located in northern NSW, is a popular stopover for sailors. This picturesque coastal city offers a well-equipped marina, beautiful beaches, and a range of amenities for rest and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to refuel, stock up on supplies, or simply unwind, Coffs Harbour has you covered.

Newcastle, further south in NSW, is another excellent option for sailors. The Newcastle Marina provides a safe haven for boats, with modern facilities and friendly staff. The marina is conveniently located near the city center, offering easy access to shops, restaurants, and attractions. Taking some time to explore Newcastle’s vibrant waterfront and cultural scene can be a rewarding experience during your sailing journey.


Sailing in NSW and QLD can be a thrilling adventure, but understanding the impact of the East Australian Current (EEC) is essential. Avoiding challenging weather patterns associated with the EEC, such as strong southerly winds and East Coast Lows, is crucial for a safe and enjoyable voyage. Heading south can provide advantages, including the assistance of the EEC and the opportunity to explore beautiful harbours like Coffs Harbour and marinas like Newcastle. So, set sail with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared to navigate the waters along the stunning coasts of NSW and QLD.

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